Getting to Know Peggy McConnell - Prep School For Canines

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Peggy McConnell is the sole owner of Prep School for Canines and has been in business for 13 years.  Prep School is customized for the individual and his pet, rather than volume based, the goal is to provide training to enhance the dog’s ability to be a compatible companion for its owners.

Prep School offers the following training services:  12-day board and train, home consultations (hourly fee) and obedience classes.

Board and Train

This service is especially suited for owners with limited time or out-of-control pets.

Peggy will pick up your pet at your home and spend approximately an hour obtaining information from you regarding behavioral problems as well as discussing training philosophy and training in general.  Basic obedience commands will be taught to the dog (sit, down, stay, come, heel, etc) and/or specialized training (housebreaking, not jumping up on people, not to bolt out of doors, time-out and behavior modification).  Dogs are proofed by training in different locations with various distractions, which is uniquely offered by Prep School.  After 12 days at Prep School, Peggy will return your dog to your home and spend approximately an hour teaching you commands learned by your dog and what you need to do to ensure a proper response.  You will also receive a written personality profile on your dog and basic training instruction at the end of boarding school.  The cost for a Board and Train is a flat rate.

Home Consultations/Tutoring

This service is offered for owners with specific problems for an otherwise obedient pet or for those who have the time to train their dogs themselves.

Home Consultations include a brief explanation of dog behavior and training techniques prior to working with the dog.  What is taught during a Home Consultation is strictly up to the owner, whether it is an obedience exercise (sit, down, etc.) or a behavioral issue (barking, jumping up, etc.).  The cost for Home Consultations is an hourly fee.

Obedience Classes

This service is offered for dogs that need distractions while training and/or for owners who want to regularly work with their dogs under supervision or to eventually show in obedience trials with a goal of obtaining AKC obedience titles on their dog.

A private lesson or Home Consultation is required prior to attending Obedience Classes.  The Novice class covers “Sit”, “Down”, “Come”,  “Heel”, “Stay”, etc. but does not usually deal with behavior problems.  Behavior problems are handled through Home Consultations.  The cost for Obedience Classes is an hourly fee.  Contact Peggy for further details.


Peggy has 40+ years of experience in training dogs and has put AKC obedience titles on the following breeds:  Wire Fox Terrier (UD), Pembroke Welsh Corgis (2 OTCHs, 3 UDXs), a Doberman (CD) and Boxers (2 OTCHs).  OTCH stands for Obedience Trial Champion.  She is currently showing her 3 year old Golden, Layla who is an OTCH and, in 2012, was in the top 25 dogs in the country according to AKC records.  Her dogs have multiple High in Trial awards and all of her dogs have been nationally ranked.  Four of her dogs were invited to attend the AKC Obedience Invitational.  Peggy is a unique trainer in that she has trained multiple breeds from various AKC groups to a high level which has given her a deeper understanding of various breeds and dogs in general.

She continues to further her training knowledge by attending various seminars, shows, classes, etc.  Peggy believes in training with understanding and seeks to obtain the utmost willingness from each dog.